Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ive Been Tagged

Thanks to Emma at I have been tagged......

* Link to the person who tagged you
* Mention the rules
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
* Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
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So here goes:

1, I didn't eat meat from the age of 7 until I was 24, then I got outragiously drunk and had a KFC.....even though it does not really agree with me I still eat meat now..

2, I used to bite my finger nails and the skin around horrible.....

3, I love anything bright and quirky, different things that are sometimes a little hippy/shabby

4, I hate wearing shoes or anything on my feet really especially indoors.

5, I have to sleep with at least pants on..........some strange fear of spiders crawling in places they shouldn't go.

6, My house generally looke tidy, well once the boys have gone to bed.... BUT open any cupboard door and you will reveal the truth..... I am a secret horder and hate to through out anything.....

I am gonna tag I love this ladies blog....... My lovely Swop in the Christmas & Cosy Swop....

Recently, well since the birth of my third son, I have had a few issues with knowing who I am. I am certainly not the person I was 4 1/2 years ago before I had any children, I was then quite high maintenance, and would not dream of leaving the house without my hair straightened and makeup on, but I do struggle with who I am now? I know I am no longer the size 12/14 I was before but I am honestly happy in my new size 18 jeans........Tescos £10 Flare Fit....LOVELY....

I know that I am the mum of 3 georgous, happy, healthy boys, which is priority and that I am the wife of a very warm and loving husband but who am I.

Am i the shabby, slightly scruffy person who loves everything DIFFERENT and wants to be individual or am I clean lined, simple styling ? I really don't know, well if I am honest I think I do know who I am its just being affraid of other people liking me being ME. I am slightly scruffy, worn around the edges, I like things that are not normal, slightly quirky but most of all I like cosy, warm, happy and thats what makes me happy.

Maybe I just need to get on with my life, with my family and learn to be me and be comfortable in my own skin, then I will truly be able to enjoy MY life with MY men....

I would love to hear others stories if you felt the same after having children.

I have a December issue of Country Living on the arm of the sofa just shouting to be read so will be back again soon..

Take Care



MelMel said... are you doing after being upset the other day?

Been thinking about you...x

Tilly Rose said...

Thankyou Mel, you really are sweet, yes I'm fine thankyou....getting ready for Christmas and our swop, can't wait to get it all packaged up looking lovely...wouldn't it be lovely to arrange a meet for us bloggers to follow each other frequantly ??
Sorry to hear about your interview outcome, the right thing will come along soon for you..


MelMel said...

Thank you sweetie.....hope your enjoying your CL..
I'm watching TV...waiting for move to the i can dream!

I would love huge meet up...I'm so enjoying getting to know Lesley and a Thrifty mrs...and everyone on here, just a shame we don't all live nearer to each other!
Then we could have coffee mornings!


Attic24 said...

Lovely to "meet" you, thanks so much for visiting the Attic and leaving such a nice comment, I really appreciate it.
Loving the tag, I'll try and do it tomorrow...
And btw I so know what you mean about establishing an identity once you become a MUm and the way we change, I am going through similar, although I don't analyse it v much, it's on my mind quite a bit.
oooo could go right off on a waffle here, but will restrain for now!

Tilly Rose said...

Thanks Attik 24, nice to now that I am not the only mum who thinks she has seen too much daytime tV and is going around the bend..... I am actually pondering over your blog as we speak and looking at a lovely photo of a choc pastry and strawberrys....


Josie-Mary said...

Oooohh I'm glad I'm not the only horder.... if you open any of my cupboards you will find loads of stuff & don't get me started on my attic!!! :)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Well you have just described strange, even down to your tag about spiders....check out my meme tag on my blog!! I feel even worse since my Mason has started school. Everyday I too question who I am but still havent found the never will! And yes I'm a horder too but soooo dont want to be!
loved finding out more about you in your meme tag! Claire xx

Tilly said...

H Tilly Rose, well your life sounds just like mine - right down to managing to inadvertantly 'insult' people. I said exactly the same to one of my friends recently - loved her house because it was a mess like mine! In terms of myself - well I was never particularly high maintenance before but I'm definitely 'worse' now - most days I forget to brush my hair before going out! Check out my post called 'not so scrummy mummy' and you'll see what I look like most days. I'm also 2 to 3 dress sizes bigger than I was pre-kiddies! Love the pic of your kiddies.