Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Hot Blogger Award

So sorry for taking sooooooooo long but I need to pass this fantastic award on to some people I beleive this is THE RULES !!!!!!

So, I Victoria of Tilly Rose present the 'Hot Blogger' Award to........ drum role please ( If I Can) - Fantastic Blogger...... Lovely Person

http://www.andreafay/ - Bit naughty as she is my sister I really want and need to go to this shop

Hope I have done this right as this whole 'Award' thing is new to me so please tell me if I have not do something as I should..



MelMel said...

Thank you kind of you!xxxx
Hope you enjoyed your cake?:>))))

Sal said...

Thank you for that!
You'll get loads more awards I am sure ;-)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Well done on your award hun!! Here's to many more...Claire x

MelMel said...

Poor you with your tooth....oh how i dislike the dentist!

Thank you for the nice comment....cheers!xxx