Saturday, 15 November 2008

Give Away...........i Think


I have got quite alot of pink christmas tree decorations that I am not planning on using this christmas.

I don't know if any of you would like them?

I would swop them for gold, bronze or clear ones if anyone has those that they do not need.

Am not sure of these give away things so hope I have done this right?

Will add some photos later once I get them down from the loft?

Take Care



MaryPoppins said...

Well how funny, I know we are doing the swap but I was wanting some more pink decorations for my DDs Pink Christmas Tree and have been going through my decorations to see what i have got, not as much pink as i would like, but plenty of gold :) I have the usual gold baubals, little gold parcels to hang on the tree, some stars, little gold nests and a couple of others maybe 40 or so in total, would be happy to do a swap, can email photographs to you to see if they could be of any use to you

Mary X

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