Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday UGHK

Was nice to hear that everyone liked my finds......Have to say have found blogging greatfun. Have Good MONDAY mornings xxxxxx


MelMel said...

Tis raining too!

Oh well...only working half the week! Yippee!
Have agud un yourself1xxx

Tilly Rose said...

Well I do not go out to work as such as I stay home and look after the boys, ones 4, ones 2 and ones 11 months. Someday I feel that I am the luckiest person alive and other days I feel that I am going slightly mad, today is a MAD day !!! They have all been struck down with a belly bug, not nice at 4.30 this morning, oh well just another thing to add my my list of things that I can't live without.... a washing machine !!!!!


Anonymous said...