Saturday, 25 October 2008

Back Again !!!

Ok so now I have three sleeping beautys upstairs, X factor on the telly, husband sleepy from football and a glass of rose in hand, thought it was now time to check out my new blog addiction.

Thank you very much for the nice welcoming comments I have already received, it make this blogging appear very friendly.

I am hoping to find a few really nice shops, nice housey ideas and more importantly a few nice friends.

Have been to a childrens party this afternoon, what happens when you grow up? All of these children were running arouns, having fun with each other not a care in the world. Lovely to see !!!

Plan to have an hours peace tomorrow and go to a lovely local store called' China Blue' based in Totnes, they stock Gisella Graham, Cath Kidston and lots and lots of other fluffy gorgous frilly things.... will keep you informed of my finds, however, husband has given me a budget of £20.00 to include coffee - tight ass !!!!!

Thats all for now gonna have a look around at some other website and blogs, will also have another look at ' At home with Melmel' caught a quick look earlier and got VERY jealous, her house look top of the tree....... xxxx


MelMel said... i'm so amazed by your lovely lovely of you!
Cute name Tilly Rose!
Sweet doggie.....i love friend had one when we were younger, he was called Snu...bless!

I've added myself to your follow the i can be updated with your new posts....i'm a avid blogger:>))
think i'm slightly addicted!
Its huge fun and i've met some wonderful ladies!
Hope your weekend is going well?
Mel Melxxxx

MelMel said...

Who is your sister?

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hello nice to "meet" you :-) melmel is a lovely person as well as having a lovely house - we had a real life meet up a week or so ago and blogged about it it was such a nice thing to meet fellow bloggers as they are such a nice and friendly bunch you are in good company :-)
X Factor was good wasnt it?! very good singers this year I can't think who will win !! I added myself to "follow" your blog as well - sounds a bit like stalking doesnt it eek!
Lesley (notesfrommydays)

Tilly Rose said...

Hi Mel Mel, my sister is Andrea from Andrea Fays !!!!


Tilly said...

Hello from one Tilly to another (found you via Mel Mel)!

Enjoy your shopping trip. £20 isn't too bad. My hubby would want to know why I needed to spend £20! I can just about sneak sock yarn past him!