Saturday, 31 January 2009

More Thrifty Meals

On the same lines as my last post I have found a great and tasty meal that does not cost the earth......

You will needs:

1 bag of Sainsburys Economy Cauliflower FROZEN .......78p
1 Bag of Sainsburys Economy Plain Flour ...... 48p
1 Block of Sainsburys Economy Cheese .....1.60
Butter .... 84p
1 pint of whole milk .....94p

Boil Cauliflower until soft and drain, not the whole bag, this will do a lot of meals!!!
Melt 1 oz of butter and seive in 1 oz of the plain flour, whisk as you add the flour,
slowly add the milk and some grated cheese.
Bring sauce to the boil and pour over the cooked cauliflower,
Top with some more grated cheese and bake in over for 15 mins or until brown on top.


1 comment:

karen said...

yummy I havent had cauliflower cheese for ages. Guess what'll be on our menu next week lol.