Wednesday, 14 January 2009

An Award - HURAGH !!!

I have received an award...


from the lovely' bekimarie' at the

I now need to say the rules;;;;;;; OHHHHHHHHH,
1 Please put logo on your blog
2 Place a link to the person from whom you received the award
3 Nominate 7 or more blogs
4 Put the links of those blogs in your blog
5 Leave a message on their blogs to tell them
sooooooooooooooo, i have passed this award onto....
You will have to excuse me but I do not know how to show a link without all of the www. stuff...
There Done !!!
Congratulations 2 u all


i cant sew said...

congrats on the award i recieved my first two the other day too. you are better than me cause i dont know how to put the award up but i think i have an idea now from some other comments else where. to link without all the www stuff you have to go to there blog click on there blog bar at the top http://.... and press control and c at the same time which means copy then go back to your post that you are creating and after you have typed their name on your new post page highlight their name by dragging the left mouse button over it and then go to the little button beside the colour boutton, it looks like a chainlink click on it then click in the space that aske for the http:// backspace to get frid of that then right click in that space and click ok that then should have made the link.
i hope i have been a little clear and it works for you. %*_*%

mollycupcakes said...

Well done on the award sweetie,
Hello you, lovely to meet you.
I can't wait to do the Valentine swap and look forward to having you as my partner.
I will pop you an email with all my details.
Take care hun,
Catherine x

Vintage Tea said...


You won't my giveaway before Christmas for one of the Rustie Lee cookbooks, i still need your address so I can post out to you,

Victoria xx

Vintage Tea said...

Thank you for your address... I'll get your book in the post this week

Victoria xx

MaryPoppins said...

Congratulations on winning your award, well done :)

Good advice on the cot, poor Harrison (((((hugs))))),

Ds is quite tiny really being a three pounder at birth he to me looks so much younger than his years and there is plenty of room in his cot to be in there a while longer though I shall definitely have a good think, thanks for sharing :)

I love the beautiful handkerchief case, I had thought it was for make up, but should have realised with it having a lovely CK napkin in it that is was probably for handkerchiefs, it is on my dressing table

Take Care


bekimarie said...

You've been tagged, check my blog.
Beki xxx

bekimarie said...

Thanks for the advice on Jack. We're having similar problems and he always ends up in bed with us, something I really didn't want to get into but sometimes you're soooo tired there's no other way.
Big hugs
Beki xxx