Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Afternoon of blog searching

Thanks for all of your lovely wishes of good luck for me returning to work, it really is fine, infact I am quite enjoying it which is the whole reason for my return....

I have however, had a few hours this afternoon looking around the whole worl of blogs and I am really interested in getting involved in crafting with felt, I am getting a bit board of scrapbooking for a moment. I have found a great link to a 'Christmas Tree Bottle Cover', see


If anyone else knows of any other areas that I can look at re felt crafts then please pass them on...



MaryPoppins said...

Glad you are enjoying work and good luck with the felt, is your swap there, I have been onto the post office and said things are a little slower, think it is five days now since I sent it

I can send another one and claim on another day maybe

Mary X

Tilly Rose said...

yes I have received it, Thank you. Have you received your yet and your decorations ?


MaryPoppins said...

Yes thank you have emailed you to say thank you :)

The decorations are perfect, so pretty and as I have said in my email they are too pretty for Miss. Poppins' tree, they are going on the Family tree :)

I am so glad your swap is there, is the little EB candle safe, I had used bubble wrap but you never know if it is enough to protect it

Yippee The Poppins' Family now going to unwrap your goodies

Thank you so much for doing the swap with me


MaryPoppins said...

We have decided to see if we can wait for Christmas day to unwrap, would that be alright with you, unless you would like us to unwrap now, we are doing the tree and think your gifts would look so sweet beneath the twinkly tree

Ohooo and Miss. and Master. Poppins say thank you so much for their little gifts, Miss. Poppins has been having some blood tests and has been a very brave girl, she is well but something we need to look into.

She loves looking at the little gift and wondering what it is but is happy for now to keep it by the tree


Tilly Rose said...

you feel free to do what ever you would like.......i'm glad ur happy with the decorations, yours have taken pride of place in our lounge.... everything arrived in one peace, thankyou....the boys have their chocs on the tree in their bedroom....hope miss poppins is ok. can't get into email at mo for some reason.... i must say your swop smelt as lovely as it looked....same time next year ??? !!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Tea said...

Glad to hear that work has gone well so far and look forward to hearing about your dabbling with felt. If I find any felt blogs on my travels I will let you know

Victoria xx

Sal said...

It's great to have a bit of spare time to trawl through the blogs!!
And re the felt crafts..you might like to look at Betz White :


Sal ;-)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

to have had you visit my blog...So now I get to check yours out!
I will be back to read up some of your older posts.
I had a girlfirend who photographed for a felt craft book...
But I know of none...
If anything pops up I will let you know:)

Clemencia said...

Hi Tilly I need to send you an e-mail regarding your search for felt crafts :)
you can e-mail me at ceda3swapp@gmail.com

i cant sew said...

i love making things in felt. i have made a little frog and rabbit in my earlier posts and they were just out of a book i found in my loval library. i have also made a plum pudding from a library book too. good luck xxrosey

Anonymous said...

Hello, so pleased to discover your blog via Mary Poppins!!!

Take care!

Mademoiselle M.